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The Computing Support Forums on CompuServe date back to the early 1980's with Atari, Amiga, Altair, etc, and when Microsoft launched Windows 2.0 in 1988, The Windows Users Group Network (WUGNET) sysops were standing by then to field the Windows users' questions. Today, our online support staff is over 150 strong and specializes in supporting all Windows operating systems, hardware, shareware and hundreds of third party products.

The WUGNET online staff is made up of subject matter experts from all aspects of the computing industry. They help foster the wonderful sense of community that you find in the CompuServe atmosphere that you won't find duplicated anywhere else in the entire online world. When you join one of our forums on CompuServe, you instantly feel comfortable, no matter what your level of expertise.

Today, these forums are accessible via your browser and proprietary software is no longer needed. You can download files from some of the largest online collections in the world, browse the Forum message bases, or participate in real-time conferences with well-known book authors and other industry celebrities.

WUGNET Computing Forums
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Computing Support InfoDesk Forum
Internet Explorer Support Forum
Windows Support Forum (XP Home/Me/98/95/3x)
Windows XP Pro & Server/2000/NT Support Forum
VirusCentral Support Forum
Laptop Computing Forum

Windows Entertainment Forum
Microsoft Office Forum
Windows Shareware Forum
PC Hardware Forum
Vintage Computing Forum
Microsoft Developer Applications Forum