The Microsoft & WUGNET Shareware Pick of the Week for Windows
Each week Microsoft(R) and WUGNET(R) feature a Windows(R) shareware application demonstrating the very highest programming standards possible. Each new application selected for this award is exhaustively reviewed and less than five percent make the cut. It is our intent to showcase only the very "best-of-the-best" applications. New applications must work with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but many of our past selections also work with prior versions of Windows.
PC Remote by American Systems

Download Download PC Remote (1.37 MB) Buy Now Buy Online with Secure Server - $49.95

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PC Remote is an intuitive, multi-faceted program that lets you access another computer from a remote location. Designed to be flexible and inexpensive, PC Remote lets you access another computer across a network, on the Internet, on the computer serial ports, or through a modem connection. Now you have multiple ways to access the data you need. PC Remote is the low cost solution for accessing remote computers.

You can access files on your work computer from home and quickly download them. Copy data to the clipboard on the remote computer and it automatically appears in the clipboard on your computer! PC Remote also lets you create macros that you can execute across the connection to get results on the other side. Whether it's accessing files on your work computer fifty miles away or copying files between your PC and your laptop, PC Remote gets the job done quick and easy.

  • Lets you access another computer from a remote location
  • View the other computers screen and control the other computer's keyboard and mouse
  • Send and receive files to and from the other computer
  • Create macros that execute repetitive tasks
  • Browse the network to see what other computers are running PC Remote
  • With EZ Scheduler, you can schedule sessions to run and execute repetitive tasks on a regular basis
  • You determine who can connect to the host
  • You determine what users can transfer files
  • Connect to a computer across a LAN
  • Files for download are in a specific folder

Download Download PC Remote (1.37 MB) Buy Now Buy Online with Secure Server - $49.95