The Microsoft & WUGNET Shareware Pick of the Week for Windows
Each week Microsoft(R) and WUGNET(R) feature a Windows(R) shareware application demonstrating the very highest programming standards possible. Each new application selected for this award is exhaustively reviewed and less than five percent make the cut. It is our intent to showcase only the very "best-of-the-best" applications. New applications must work with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but many of our past selections also work with prior versions of Windows.
OE Quick Tools by AJ Systems

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"OE Quick Tools" is a set of add-on "power tools" for Outlook Express users.
The "OE Quick Tools" includes functions to:(a) Remove attachments from mail messages... this reduces the size of mail folders and improves system performance.(b) Resend a message... a function which is missing from Outlook Express.(c) Create and manage "template" style messages... to easily send standard messages or replies to customers.(d) "Clean" text.... to remove the annoying >>> characters from replies and forwarded messages to make your message more readable and professional.(e) Paste standard text segments into messages... which will save time with every message.(f) Paste "Plain Text" to avoid changing formats when pasting data from other documents.

The "OE Quick Tools" appears as a small panel overlaying the main Outlook Express window in the upper right corner. The panel includes a large clock with date and time as a handy reference. A 6 month calendar is available via click on the "OE Quick Tools" panel. The panel is closely integrated with the operation of Outlook Express and moves with Outlook Express. Many of the tool operations are done using a simple "Drag/Drop" of a message from Outlook Express to the "OE Quick Tools" panel. Outlook Express 5 or 6 is required. The "OE Quick Tools" runs on Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98 and 95.

  • Attachment Remover -- to remove attachments from messages (sent or received).
  • Send Again -- to allow a re-send of the same message to any address.
  • Templates -- manage and send standard messages
  • Clean Text -- remove the >>> characters from replies
  • Smart Paste -- paste Rich Text as Plain Text
  • Standard Text -- paste standard text segments
  • Clock -- highly visible clock with date
  • Calendar -- a popup 6 month calendar

Download Download OE Quick Tools (2.36 MB) Buy Now Buy Online! Instant Delivery via Secure Server - $29.95