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IQ Test Trainer by

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Iq Test Trainer- train your intelligence and become a genius! Train your intelligence with this powerful software based on neurophysiological mechanism called Backpropagation. Improve your IQ test score, memory and attention. Average IQ test score increases up to 150%. The package also contains Memory Trainer, software for photographic memory development.

How IQ trainer works:

Please, read the following paragraph:

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    You can QUICKLY use IQ Trainer to...
  • Develop a total genius mindset - Begin experiencing the joys of genius within a few short days. You'll enjoy a rapidly increasing IQ, more creativity, greater "whole brain thinking," and other genius qualities.
  • Amaze friends with your photographic memory - Never be stuck for names and numbers ever again! Change the wiring of your memory automatically. Enjoy total recall of everything you experience. Use IQ Trainer to awaken the sleeping genius within. Activate your brain! Achieve amazing things!
  • Become a walking calculator – Have you ever wanted to truly master the world of mathematics? You'll need to start understanding the "truth" behind numbers by letting go of a lot of pre-wired limitations. Use IQ Trainer to erase negative thought patterns and replace them with fresh positive ones. Literally become a walking, talking human calculator!
  • Astound yourself with your inner creativity – Do you need fresh ideas? With IQ Trainer, you won't be able to STOP your creativity! Your inspiration will rocket...! You’ll tap into a bubbling fountain of creativity spontaneously. Invent theories, refine paradigms, and come up with fascinating new gadgets.
  • Transform into a brilliant creative writer – Do you love to write? With IQ Trainer, you’ll discover word choices and sentence permutations that will make you an accomplished writer. Your literary eloquence will be delightful. Write articles, essays, books, stories and poems. Astonish others with your mastery of words.
  • Win them over with your eloquence – Do you need to make oral presentations in your work? With IQ Trainer, you’ll present your oral reports, sales presentations or lectures in a way that engages more audience interest. Your listeners will be astonished at your eloquence. Your precise word choice, vivid imagery, engaging analogies and detailed presentations will have them nodding in agreement as they capture the essence of your ideas and follow along with the thread of your careful reasoning. People will look forward to hearing you speak.
  • Go to the top of your class – Do you want to excel in your school work? With IQ Trainer, you’ll find your studies more fascinating, comprehend everything more rapidly, and expound on your newly acquired information in a brilliant fashion. Whether you’re a student or a professional studying for an advanced certification, you’ll find that it pays to really enjoy what you’re studying and show others how you’re mastered the material.
  • Increase your income – Do you relish bold, new ideas that can double or triple your current income? With IQ Trainer, you’ll discover new ways of providing better products and services, prospecting for new customers, closing sales, investing smarter or improving current business strategies. Whether you work for yourself or someone else, with people or machines, you’ll attract the right attention to quickly move ahead.
  • Entertain them with your wit – Do you want to develop a quicker, more sharp-witted personality? Come up with dazzling retorts? Say things that will have your friends in stitches? Attract attention any time you want by capturing the essence of the absurd right at the precise right moment? Some professional people get paid millions for making jokes after years of practice but with IQ Trainer, you can quickly rewire your inner mind... allowing you to become the funniest, most sophisticated wit around! Sound interesting? Best of all, these benefits can each be achieved ENTIRELY WITHOUT EFFORT.

Download Download IQ Test Trainer - Try IQ Trainer (535) Buy Now Buy IQ Trainer