Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. June 28, 1999
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Office 2000 has Arrived!
Get ready, the newest member of the Office family of products has been released and it's called Office 2000. While introducing a load of new functionality, including Web Collaboration and Analysis Tools, it's also easier to use. It also comes (depending on which version you buy) with new programs not available in previous Office versions, like FrontPage 2000, PhotoDraw 2000 and even Publisher 2000.

Microsoft has released Office 2000 in four different versions or "suites":

Office 2000 Product Standard Small Business Professional Premium
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Publisher
Small Business Tools
Microsoft Access
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft PhotoDraw

  • The first is Office 2000 Standard which ships with Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.
  • The next suite is called Office 2000 Small Business Edition, and it adds to Standard with Publisher and Small Business Tools (but no PowerPoint).
  • Climbing the ladder we next find Office 2000 Professional Edition, which adds Microsoft Access and PowerPoint.
  • Last, there's an Office 2000 Premium Edition which contains everything found in the other versions while adding even more. How about Frontpage 2000 and PhotoDraw 2000?

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