Here's our Windows NT Tip for.. August 1, 2000
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Editing the Registry and Tweak UI
Concerning using a Registry edit to change the LNK overlay character, it might be better to suggest using the Microsoft 'unsupported' Tweak UI Control Panel app. It offers a preview feature to see the effectiveness of a change, as well as a reset feature to back it out.

Tweak UI may be unsupported in the legal sense of the word, but it has been made to work and there is a version of Tweak UI for every system since Windows 95, including Win NT 4. Here's the link for NT 4:

We have not suggested using Tweak UI for several years now because when we did we got numerous complaints from readers. One reader even suggested that he might file a suit against Microsoft because Tweak UI erased his NT 4 Setup CD.

However, we do use Tweak UI in Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 98 and have experienced no Tweak UI-related problems. If you would like to give it a try, go ahead. But don't blame us if you have problems. Microsoft doesn't support Tweak UI.