Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. August 7, 2000
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Put Graphics in Exactly the Same Place on Every Slide
Occasionally, you may need to put a graphic or picture in exactly the same place on several slides. While you can do this by entering measurements in the Size and Position tabs of the Format Object dialog box, that can be incredibly tedious if there are more than just a few items to place this way. Luckily, there are easier ways of getting the job done:

* Use guides--In a previous tip, we explained how to get additional guides by holding down the Ctrl key while you drag an existing guide. You can use multiple guides to make a template you can snap objects into place with. Place and size the first object just the way you want it, then drag guides up against each side of the object. Go to the next slide and select the next object you want to put in the same place as the first. Drag it until it snaps into the upper-left corner formed by two of the guides, then drag the object's lower-right selection handle until it snaps to the lower-right corner formed by the other two guides.

* Use a specialized tool for the job--You can download a set of PowerPoint tools at

Once you've installed the tools, select the object whose position you want to duplicate, then click the button on the Editing toolbar that looks vaguely like PowerPoint's ruler bar. Click it to record the size and position of the object you selected. Then, move to another slide, select another object, and click the button that looks like a hammer and nail. The object you selected is indeed "nailed" into place--exactly the same place as the object whose size and position you recorded on the previous slide. You can continue to select and "nail" other objects into the exact same place on as many other slides as you like. The tool remembers the position you first recorded until you change it by recording the size and position of a new object.