Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. August 14, 2000
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Undoing Recent Keystrokes
You probably already know that you can press Ctrl-Z at any time to undo your most recent commands. (If you didn't know that, your word processing experience just improved immensely!) You may also know that Word 2000 stores your 99 most recent commands or keystrokes, so that you can return to something you did a while back and undo it. You may not know, however, that you can pull up and access a list of your 99 most recent commands.

Click the down arrow next to the Undo icon on the Standard toolbar (it's the one that looks like a curved arrow pointing backward). A list of your five most recent commands appears, but you can scroll through all your recent commands and select the specific operation you want to undo by selecting a command and clicking the Undo button again. You should know that Word 2000 will not only undo your selected operation, but all the operations between that one and your most recent.