Here's our Hardware Tip for.. June 18, 1999
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DVD - What is it?
Three or four years ago, it seemed that a regular compact disc (CD-ROM) had more space than could ever be filled. Before too long we needed two discs. Now three. Enter the quantum leap in mass storage technology called DVD.

DVD stands for Digital Video Disc, and is a new optical storage technology with far greater capacity than current compact discs. With conventional CD-ROM products well established in the entertainment and computer marketplaces, DVD will surely have a strong impact. DVD hardware, which first appeared at the end of 1996, is expected to gain momentum through the year 2000, but the short-term timetable will be affected by business and technology issues, especially the creation of a copyright protection scheme.

The letters don't officially stand for anything; they are commonly assumed to represent "digital video disc" but that term has already been trademarked. People use "DVD" the way they use "VHS," without worrying about what the letters stand for. What "DVD" means is "very large capacity CD with advanced multimedia support." It is a storage technology that will change how people buy movies, music, and software.

With Windows 98's new DVD Player, you can play DVD discs from a DVD drive connected to your computer. You can also use your DVD drive to play software and music CDs.

To open DVD Player after you have inserted a disc, go to Start, Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, and then click DVD Player.