Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. October 23, 2000
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Using the Spike
A neat feature of Word 2000 is the ability to hold up to 12 items in the Clipboard simultaneously. This vast storage space should be plenty for all your cut and copy needs, but if somehow you find that you want to cut or copy more than 12 items of text onto the Clipboard at one time, there's another Word tool for you: It's called the Spike.

Fear not, the Spike is not dangerous! The Spike is merely a specialized clipboard that allows you to cut an unlimited amount of material to it. The catch is, though the Spike can hold as much text as you like, it will always paste everything that has been copied to it at one time, in the order that you copied to it.

To cut text to the Spike, select text and press Ctrl-F3. Continue to load the Spike in this manner until you've copied all the text you need. When you've finished moving the text into the Spike, press Ctrl-Shift-F3 to empty the Spike in one vast chunk into your document.