Here's our Hardware Tip for.. October 27, 2000
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Hardware Tips For a Windows 2000 Upgrade--Part 1 of 5
Windows 2000 has finally arrived. As with all new operating system upgrades, you should perform several preparatory steps before you start the installation. Over the next few days, these tips will cover the steps that relate to hardware.

First, if necessary, upgrade your hardware to achieve the RECOMMENDED system requirements for Windows 2000--not just the minimum. Windows 2000 will run incredibly slowly if your system only meets the minimum level requirements. This means your processor should be at least 133MHz, and preferably 166MHz; your RAM amount should be at least 64MB, and you should have 1GB of free hard disk space on your hard drive. If you need to upgrade your hardware, do so BEFORE you upgrade to Windows 2000. Don't wait until after the OS upgrade--your upgrade will go much more smoothly on a proper hardware configuration.