Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. November 20, 2000
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Using the Tab Key to Select Objects on a Slide
If you have a lot of overlapping objects on a PowerPoint slide (as you might if you're editing clip art or a complex drawing), it can be difficult to select the object you want to work with. Instead of clicking to select objects, try using the Tab key instead.

When you press Tab, PowerPoint selects the first object on the slide. Then, each time you press Tab after that, it selects the next object, so you can easily "cycle" through the objects on your slide by repeatedly pressing Tab. If you overshoot the mark and miss the object you were after, hold down Shift while you press Tab to reverse direction and select the previous object.

You can get to the object you want a little more quickly if you first click an object that's a bit before it in the drawing order, then use Tab to move to the object you actually want.