Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. December 7, 2000
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Pop Quiz
If you want to take your Favorites from one computer to another, check this out...

From IE 5, choose File, Import And Export. The Import/Export wizard appears. Click the Next button. The Import/Export Selection screen opens. Select Export Favorites from the list of options. Click Next. The Export Favorites Source Folder page appears. Select the topmost Favorites folder (if it's not already selected). Click Next. In the following screen, choose the Export To A File Or Address option. Then enter a path and file name in the corresponding text box. For instance, we chose:


Click Next, and in the following screen click Finish. The Favorites file appears on your system (in this example, on the desktop).

Now copy that file to a floppy disk, or attach it to a message and e-mail it to yourself. Use the Import/Export wizard on your office machine to import the file, and your bookmarks will follow you to work--just like the obedient puppies they are.