Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. December 25, 2000
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Control Presentations with Invisible Action Buttons--Part 1 of 4
Here's how to create invisible action buttons: Create the buttons by drawing rectangles (or any other shape you like) on the slide where you want the action buttons to appear, then assign them action settings (choose Slide Show, Action Settings and set the options you want for each). Then, test the buttons by starting the screen show and clicking each shape to make sure it does what it's supposed to. Finally, make the buttons invisible by selecting the shapes and assigning them a fill of No Fill and an outline of No Line.

Now try running your screen show again. You'll find that even though the shapes are invisible, they still trigger the actions you've assigned when you click them.

If you want the same action buttons on several slides, simply select the ones you just created; choose Edit, Copy (or press Ctrl-C); move to the next slide; and choose Edit, Paste (or press Ctrl-V). That works well if you only need to copy the buttons to a few additional slides. If you want the same set of buttons on every slide in your presentation, stay tuned--we'll cover that next.

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