Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. January 1, 2001
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Exclude Hidden Cells From Copy
If you hide data in a row or column, be careful that you don't accidentally expose that data during a copy-and-paste task. You see, if you copy a range of cells that contains hidden cells, Excel will copy the hidden data as well as the visible data--if you use the Copy and Paste commands from the Edit menu or the Standard toolbar. When you want to copy just the visible cells, use the following method to copy your data:

First, select the range that contains your data--including the hidden cells. Choose GoTo from the Edit menu or press F5. (You can also press Ctrl-G.) Next, click the Special button at the bottom of the GoTo dialog box. Select the Visible Cells Only option, and then click OK. Copy the data as you normally would.

When you copy cells using the Visible Cells Only option, Excel ignores any hidden data when you copy the data to the Clipboard.