Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. January 8, 2001
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Using the Select Visible Cells Tool
In a previous tip, we showed you how to avoid pasting hidden data during a copy task. If you frequently copy ranges with hidden cells that you want to keep hidden, you should consider adding the Select Visible Cells tool to the Standard toolbar. This tool simplifies the process. Instead of working from the GoTo dialog box, you simply select your range of data and click the tool, and Excel will select only those cells that contain visible data. To add this tool to the Standard (or any) toolbar, right-click any toolbar and choose the Customize command. Click the Commands tab, select the Edit category, and then find the Select Visible Cells in the Commands list. Select the Select Visible Cells command in the Commands control and drag it to your toolbar. Click Close in the Customize dialog box, and you're all set.

Next time you want to copy visible data in a range that contains invisible data, select the entire range. Then, click the Select Visible Cells tool before you start your copy-and-paste task.