Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. January 15, 2001
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Control Presentations with Invisible Action Buttons--Part 2 of 4
In a previous tip, we explained how you can create invisible action buttons on one slide and then copy them to additional slides as needed. There are two problems with this:

* It's tedious to copy buttons to every slide in your presentation, and you might forget to copy them to any new slides you add later.

* And it's REALLY tedious when you discover that you need to change the action setting or location of a button AFTER you've copied it to every slide in your presentation.

There's a way out--instead of putting your action buttons on any single slide, choose View, Master, Slide Master and create your action buttons on the Master slide. Anything you place on the Master slide appears on all slides in the presentation unless you specifically disable master items on a particular slide.

Well, almost. Anything on an individual slide sits atop everything on the Master. So if you have a large graphic on Slide 3, for example, and it partially overlaps an action button on the Master slide, the graphic will "eat" any mouse clicks on it--the action button will never "feel" them, so it won't be triggered.

At the very least, you'll want to make sure that you don't completely cover up any action buttons you've placed on the Master slide. There's a way around this little problem too, and we'll show you the solution in our next tip.