Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. January 29, 2001
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Conditional Formatting
I'd like to thank Barbee Davis of the Davis Consulting Group for turning me on to this tip during a Project Management Seminar.

Excel offers a great deal of formatting conditions for your work sheets. You can have your dates and numbers display the way you want them to. In fact, you can have your numbers display in red, with our without parentheses depending on its sign. But, have you ever wanted to go beyond parentheses and red numbers? If so, check this out.

You can have Excel change cell font types, faces, and text and cell colors based on its values. To get Excel to use these special formatting conditions, follow these steps.

Select the cells you want to impose this special fomatting on and choose Format--Conditional Formatting. You can use this dialog to specify your conditions for the formatting; and you can specify more than one condition to an individual cell.