Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. February 19, 2001
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Control Presentations with Invisible Action Buttons--Part 3 of 4
In our last PowerPoint tip, we left you with a problem: Objects on individual slides that overlap shapes-with-action-settings on the Master slide will prevent the shapes from "feeling" and responding to mouse clicks. Not good...

The way around this is to make a copy of the shape on the Master and paste it onto the individual slides. Here's how: First choose View, Master, Slide Master. Then, select the shapes that are covered by objects on individual slides and choose Edit, Copy (or press Ctrl-C). Choose View, Slides to return to the slide you started on. Finally, choose Edit, Paste (or press Ctrl-V) to paste a copy of the shape(s) onto the slide itself. Since the copy will sit atop anything else on the slide, it will receive mouse clicks instead of the graphic or other object underneath it and will react in the same way that the same shape on the Master slide would have.