Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. February 26, 2001
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Control Presentations with Invisible Action Buttons--Part 4 of 4
So far in this series, we've shown you how to create invisible action buttons, how to include the same buttons on every slide in your presentation, and how to make sure that objects on individual slides don't interfere with them. There's one more little trick you'll want to know about.

Suppose you've put two of these invisible action buttons on each slide. Each one fills half the slide, so all you need to do is click the right side of the slide to advance to the next slide in the presentation or the left side of the slide to go back to the previous slide. Nice and simple, but when you're on the last slide in the presentation, it doesn't make any sense to have a button that takes you to the next slide. There IS no next slide. Why not a button to end the presentation instead?

You don't want to delete the Next action button on the Master because that would delete it from all your other slides. But as you'll recall from an earlier tip, anything on an individual slide that covers up something on the Master slide will receive mouse clicks--and that's the solution. Simply draw a new rectangle on the slide, make sure it completely covers the one on the Master, then assign its action setting as Hyperlink To, End Show, and make it invisible. That's all there is to it.