Here's our Hardware Tip for.. March 9, 2001
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Free Pc Tips--Part 3 of 4
What kind of horsepower are you getting with your "free" PC deal? Typically, these cheap PCs come configured with midrange components for the processor and modem, and midsize RAM and hard drive. Depending on what purpose you have for the PC, these slower-performing components might work just fine. However, if you plan on crunching spreadsheets, querying databases, or running high-end graphics, your new system's performance might disappoint you.

You should definitely decide whether the PC's performance matches your needs before you sign up for the deal. Many of these offers restrict you in how you can upgrade or expand your system once it arrives. If you can't find a cheap PC with the right performance for your needs, you're probably better off purchasing a standard PC from a known vendor.