Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. April 9, 2001
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Quickly Unhide Rows and Columns
A few tips ago, we were talking about hiding and unhiding rows and columns. Once you've hidden a row or column, you'll probably need to unhide it at some point. To do so, you simply select the adjacent rows or cells, choose Format, Row or Column, and then select Unhide. But, there's a quicker way to unhide a row or column. First, select the adjacent rows or columns as you would with the menu method. Then, instead of pulling down the Format menu, simply double-click the border between the two adjacent rows or columns.

For instance, if you've hidden row 3, you'd select rows 2 and 4 and click the heading cell's border--the one between rows 2 and 4. Doing so will automatically unhide row 3. When working with columns, you'd double-click the border of the heading cell between the two adjacent columns.