Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. May 6, 1999
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IE5-IE4 Compatibility
With Internet Explorer 5.0, there's a new installation option called Compatibility. This is a new one, it gives you the option to have a separate installation of IE4 and IE5. Remember how IE4 used to blow away all previous copies of IE that it found?

That was a very bad idea, especially for those people who create web pages for a living. After all, how can they measure that their web pages are compatible across different browsers if one destroys another? For many users, particularly those in corporate environments, instant upgrades at the drop of a hat isn't always an easy task. Especially considering the time and effort it must have taken making the jump to IE3.

Apparently the uproar this caused, made the folks up at MS listen - they didn't make the same mistake twice...

Anyway, you now have this choice, and a good choice it is. Users have reported good results running both browsers simultaneously. Once you're comfortable with IE5, removing IE4 is as easy as uninstalling it through Control Panel, like always, via Add/Remove Programs.

To see how to do this, see our article IE5 - What's New ..and what's gone!.