Here's our Hardware Tip for.. April 20, 2001
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Microphone-Speaker Headset Tips-Part 1 of 3
Microphone-and-speaker-combination headsets are becoming more and more popular. With microphones you can call people over the Internet, talk to your word processor software, or talk to a game. With a speaker headset, you can hear game sound effects or listen to audio files you've downloaded from the Internet, all without disturbing others. Over the next few weeks, we'll mention some tips to keep in mind while you shop for a microphone-speaker headset.

First, comfort is key. Both the earphone and the strap going over your head should be lightly padded so you'll feel comfortable even after wearing your headset for hours at a time. Try on any headset before you buy it. At the risk of looking stupid, walk around the store wearing the headset for a while. Prolonged use may show you the difference between comfortable and ALMOST comfortable.