Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. May 14, 2001
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Move a Folder
In a previous Outlook tip, you learned how to rename a folder. Now that your folders all have useful, descriptive names like "Department Meeting Notes" rather than "Stuff," you should make sure they're organized the way you want them.

It's easy to move folders around so they're inside other folders. For example, you might want your "Department Meeting Notes" folder to live inside your "Department Documents" folder.

Make sure the folder list is displayed. If it's not, click View, Folder List. Click the folder you want to rename, then select File, Folder, Move Folder. Click the new location in the Move The Selected Folder To The Folder list, then click OK.

You can also simply right-click the folder in the folder list, select Move Folder from the shortcut menu, and choose a new location from there. Whoo! That's a lot of folder talk for one tip.