Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. May 3, 1999
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Black Widow
BlackWidow is a site ripper, a site-mapping tool, an off-line browser, a site mirroring tool, and a site scanner". BlackWidow has the ability to download entire sites onto your hard drive for offline viewing at a later time, keeping the site layout intact. These profiles can be merged with other profiles if necessary. It can be used to create a mirror site of an existing site, duplicating the current file structure.

Web sites are displayed in a TRUE explorer-type window that supports long file names and file details such as size and date/time. BlackWidow will also download the file contents of a site, either partially or in its entirety, depending on your specifications. You can also run multiple instances of BlackWidow to work with different Web sites at the same time. The download program works independently of the main program, so you can download files from one site while profiling another. Looking for a particular file type will now save countless hours of search.

For more information on BlackWidow, see their website at or our review of the application at