Here's our Hardware Tip for.. June 15, 2001
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Minimum System Requirements--Part 1 of 4
A lot of hardware upgraders remain confused by the minimum system requirements listed on their product boxes. Upgraders often wonder what the requirements really mean and how their own PCs match up. These product requirements become important when you're considering adding a new videoconferencing kit, CD-recording drive, or some other product to your existing system. Over the next few days I'll pass along some important info about minimum system requirements.

First, be warned. There is no standard for assigning minimum system requirements to any computer product; it's completely up to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, product makers often fudge the numbers so their products appear to be capable of running on a greater variety of PCs than is really possible. You might find your product runs intolerably slow if your system matches just the MINIMUM system requirements listed on the box.

Your best bet is to look for and follow the RECOMMENDED system requirements; ask a salesperson if you don't find them listed on the outside of the product box. When listing recommended system requirements, product makers usually provide the true facts--they want to make sure you know how their product would perform on a properly equipped PC.