Here's our Hardware Tip for.. June 22, 2001
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Minimum System Requirements--PART 2 of 4
When you're looking at the panel of a computer product box, the label may make misleading claims about which operating systems the new product can run on. Don't assume that when a product box states "Windows NT" in big letters, it will run on all Windows NT systems. The numbers and names of Microsoft's Windows operating systems make sense to no one. Windows 95 had three separate releases: A, B, and C. Windows 98 had two: Windows 98 (original) and Windows 98 SE (Second Edition). Finally, Windows NT had seven service pack releases (read "bug fixes"), called SP1 through SP6a.

Look carefully for details about the operating system your new products require. The minimum system requirement list (perhaps in small print) should include the operating system version.