Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. July 19, 2001
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Remove Radio List
If you have Windows 98, and have the Net radio turned on in my browser, you may be wondering how to get rid of a particular station that doesn't strike your fancy any more.

You can clear the radio station list, but the only way we know how is to do a Registry edit. Unless it really bothers you, don't try this. Editing the Registry can lead to bad mojo on your system, including inability to boot your system. Before editing anything in the Registry, back it up by copying your system.dat and user.dat files from the Windows folder. Place them outside your Windows folder, preferably on a Zip or floppy disk. Consider that fair warning.

To start the Registry Editor, select Start, Run. Type


and press Enter. Navigate to this key:


Right-click Radio_Station_Count and choose Modify from the pop-up list that appears.



in the Value Data text box. Select OK and close the Registry Editor. Whew. That should clear it. (Note: type the numeral zero, not the letter "O").