Here's our Hardware Tip for.. July 27, 2001
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Protecting Against Viruses Through Hardware--Part 3 of 4
When a virus wreaks havoc on your computer, it is really messing around with the software and structure of your hard drive. In fact, your hard drive is the only place where a virus can reside when you power off your system.

The latest fast and large hard drives open a new avenue for recovering from a virus infection. You can use a separate disk partition and disk imaging software, like PowerQuest's Drive Image, available at

to store an image of your entire hard drive, updated daily. This means if a virus does infect your system, you can boot from an emergency disk, then copy back your hard drive data from the latest disk image in mere seconds.

This method is not foolproof, however. Some particularly nasty viruses infect all of the partitions on your hard drive and could therefore destroy the disk image you've stored on a separate disk partition. However, for those who need to recover the system in a hurry, this approach is the fastest way.