Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. August 6, 2001
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Get Better Looking Shadowed Text
PowerPoint sometimes produces odd-looking and seemingly unpredictable effects when you apply shadow formatting to your text.

Actually, the result is quite predictable (if unlovely at times). PowerPoint selects the shadow color based on the slide background color. The problem is that it doesn't always choose well, and it doesn't give you any control over the decision.

Instead of applying a shadow attribute to your text formatting, use an object shadow instead. If your text already has a text shadow, remove it. Select the text, choose Format, Font, and remove the check box next to Shadow (or click the Text Shadow button on the Formatting toolbar). Now apply an object shadow to the text. With the text still selected, click the Shadow button on the Drawing toolbar and pick the shadow style you'd like from the pop-up menu. Or pick Shadow Settings from the pop-up menu to bring up the Shadow Settings toolbar. You can use the Shadow Settings toolbar to turn the shadow on and off, change the shadow direction and depth, or set the shadow's color.