Here's our Hardware Tip for.. August 10, 2001
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Home Networking--Part 1 of 6
The latest generation of home networking products delivers data transfer speeds of 10 to 11 Mbps. This rate is an order of magnitude better than the initial home network products, which ran at 1 to 2 Mbps. These speeds make it even more tempting to create a home network for playing multiplayer games, sharing an Internet connection, or just sharing devices such as printers within your home. I'll pass along some tips about high-tech home networking products over the next few weeks.

First, don't assume you'll get exactly the data transfer speed in your own home network that you see written on the product box. There is no standard for assigning a speed rating to these products, though initial testing shows that most of the new products do come close to their claims. If performance is important to you, read independent competitive reviews for the latest speed test of home networking products. For wireless products, remember that the placement of PCs in your home, where they must sometimes communicate through ceilings and floors, may affect their overall network performance. In general, you should get throughput fast enough to play digital music files stored on the furthest PC on your network.