Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. August 13, 2001
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Moving Table Rows Quickly in Outline View
If you're working with a rather large, unwieldy table and you find yourself having to move rows up and down regularly, you can always use the tried-and-true cut-and-paste method (selecting a row, pressing Ctrl-X to cut it to the Clipboard, positioning the insertion point where you want the row to appear, and pressing Ctrl-V to paste it). But you might find it easier, if you are performing this operation with some regularity, to simply move the table rows up and down with the click of the button.

The key is, make sure you're using Outline View to work with your table (by selecting View, Outline). Once you are in this mode, you can place your insertion point in the row you want to move and click the arrow buttons on the Outline toolbar to move the row up or down one position. Repeat as necessary, and you can easily get the row where you want it