Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. August 23, 2001
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Open New Windows Maximized
Last week we ran a tip about opening Internet Explorer 5 maximized from the get-go.

To recap, click the Maximize button (it's the middle button of the three at the top right of the screen), then click the Close button. IE 5 will open up maximized the next time you launch it.

We decided to show you one that opens NEW browser windows maximized. From IE 5, right-click a URL and choose Open In New Window. Now go to the first window you opened and close it (don't forget this step, or the tip won't work). Go back to the newly opened window and drag it to the size you want, but DON'T use the Maximize button. Close the browser window. From now on, when you open a new window, it should open to this size--personalized just the way you like it.