Here's our Internet Explorer Tip for.. November 11, 1999
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Setting The Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 Download Folder
This is another of those questions that appear on a regular basis: How do you set the download folder so that all downloads automatically are sent to that folder?

The easiest and best way to set the download folder is to just choose a folder the first time you download something.

Let's say that you create a folder named Downloads, and you want all your downloaded files to go into that folder. Just run Internet Explorer 4 and locate a file to download. Here's a download suggestion--go to,1458,4331,00.html

and download When you click this file, you'll be sent to a new page. On this page, click the link Download File Now! link. When the File Download dialog box opens, select the Save This File To Disk option and click OK. Now, the Save As dialog will open. Locate your Downloads folder and double-click to accept it. Then, click Save to start your download and close the dialog box.

From this point on, Internet Explorer 4 will default to this folder selection. You don't have to edit the Registry or make any changes to your system at all.