Here's our Hardware Tip for.. October 26, 2001
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Set-Top Game Boxes Versus The Pc--Part 1 of 5
You may think your PC does it all. You can run standard applications (like a word processor), browse the Web, or even run the latest computer games for you or your kids. But have you considered the dedicated set-top game console? The latest game consoles have come a long way from the old Super Nintendo. Products like Sega's already available Dreamcast,, the upcoming Sony PlayStation 2,, and Microsoft's x-box, offer custom hardware, expandability, stunning gameplay, and affordable startup costs. Over the next few days I'll pass along some things you should know about the newest game boxes and how they compare to the PC.

First, you should know that the latest, hottest game-oriented video cards for the PC, featuring NVidia's GeForce2 GTS,, start at over $300 for the 32MB version and over $400 for the 64MB version. You can purchase a whole game console for the price of one of these video cards.