Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. October 29, 2001
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Import Archived Items
The biggest advantage to archiving old e-mails rather than deleting them is that you can retrieve them if necessary. So how do you go about getting them back?

Click File, Import And Export. Choose Import From Another Program Or File, and click Next. On the next screen, choose Personal Folder File (.pst), then click Next. In File To Import, enter the name of your archive file. If it's not automatically displayed, click Browse to find it. Click Next.

Under Select The Folder To Import From, click on Archive Folders if you want everything. But if you know which folder's archives you want to restore, choose only that folder. If you want to send it back to that folder, choose Import Items Into The Same Folder In, and make sure that Personal Folders is selected in the box. Click Finish.