Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. December 10, 2001
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Other Uses For Notes Pages--Part 2 of 2
In a previous PowerPoint tip, we showed you how to use PowerPoint's Notes pages to make really useful proof prints. Those of you using inkjet printers will want to know about another unusual way to use Notes pages.

The problem: Few printers can print right out to the edge of a page. Laser printers usually have a 1/4-inch unprintable margin all around; PowerPoint centers your slides in the area the printer CAN print, so it's generally not a worry. But most inkjet printers have uneven unprintable margins. The margin might be 1/4 inch at the top and sides, but considerably larger at the bottom of the page. The result: PowerPoint still tries to center your slides in the printable area, and your slides print off-center.

The cure: Print Notes pages instead of slides.

Start by choosing File, Page Setup and set your notes page orientation to match the slide orientation. Next, choose View, Master, Notes Master. On the Notes Master page, select and delete everything but the slide placeholder image.

Select the slide placeholder image and drag one of its corners to enlarge it. Hold down the Shift key while you drag to ensure that you don't distort the image's proportions accidentally.

Bonus hint: Hold down both the Shift and Ctrl keys to have PowerPoint maintain the proportions AND scale the placeholder in both directions from the center. This will save a lot of time since you won't have to keep resizing and moving the image to keep it centered. Leave plenty of margin around the image; you don't want to size it up to fill the page--you already know that your inkjet can't PRINT a whole page.

Click Close, then print a sample Notes page to your inkjet printer. Note how far off-center the slide image is, then choose View, Masters, Notes Master again and move the slide image placeholder on the Notes Master left or right to compensate. It may take a few tries to get it right; when you do, you'll have a slightly off-center slide image on your Notes pages, but when you print them to your inkjet printer, they'll be dead center, just the way you want 'em.