Here's our Hardware Tip for.. December 14, 2001
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Optical Drive Features--Part 4 of 5
Remember all the industry struggles over the recording format for DVD media? In the beginning, a host of formats and names battled for center stage, and great confusion reigned.

Well, most of the confusion has fallen away. The first available and currently clearly dominant DVD-recordable format is called DVD-RAM. Currently DVD-RAM drives can use two types of media. Type 1 is double-sided and can record up to 5.2GB per disk; Type 2 is single-sided and stores 2.6GB per disk.

If massive storage is your goal, look into a DVD-RAM drive, with a caveat: Just a handful of the very latest DVD-ROM drives on the market support DVD-RAM playback. Also keep in mind that you can only remove Type 2 discs from their standard cartridges, so you won't be sharing your recorded DVD-RAM media with many other people.