Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. September 24, 1999
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Before you DVD in head first--PART 1 OF 4
Have you noticed that most everyone's first introduction to DVD is connected to a new computer purchase? People first get sucked into DVD because their computers have a DVD-ROM drive, and then, ultimately, they all end up buying a DVD player for their televisions so they can enjoy the best thing about DVD--namely watching movies. To avoid getting stuck in this expensive cycle, a few things in mind before you order a DVD-ROM drive for your computer.

First, go to a computer store and ask to watch part of a DVD movie on a computer monitor. The experience isn't actually all that bad, but if you're like everyone else, it will take only a few hours of doing this before you begin to wonder how much better it would be to watch a DVD movie on your larger TV screen while sitting on your comfy couch. That's when you've gone past the point of no return. So, sit in the computer store watching DVD until this feeling hits, then head to the electronics store and buy a DVD player instead of a DVD-ROM drive for your computer.