Here's our Hardware Tip for.. November 19, 1999
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Computer Microphones--Part 1 of 5
There are now many reasons why you would want to attach a microphone to your computer; for example, you may be using speech recognition software, video teleconferencing, and Internet telephony, to name just a few applications. Over the next few days we'll mention some things to keep in mind as you purchase and install a computer microphone.

First, wireless handset microphones have improved dramatically in quality over the last few years. With the right system, you can now achieve the same level of recording quality with a wireless headset as you could with a headset directly attached by cable to your PC. Unfortunately, these high-quality wireless headsets still cost well over $1,000. In general, the wireless headsets that cost from $200 to $500 don't offer the same high fidelity. Your best value in computer microphones is still the hardwired wired headset variety, which should cost less than $150.