Here's our Hardware Tip for.. January 25, 2002
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Wireless LAN Tips--Part 1 of 5
In case you were wondering, new office wireless LAN products aren't just for mobile PCs. In several scenarios a wireless LAN, or a wireless LAN extension to a wired LAN, is the best fit--even for a network comprised many of desktops systems.

Need examples? Retrofitting an older building with the standard LAN cabling and gear may be costly. A wireless LAN allows you to install a network with a minimal amount of construction.

Another example is the temporary office space where employees work while waiting for the permanent space. It would be a waste to spend the money on LAN cabling and wall jacks in an area that will only have a temporary need for network access. Using wireless LAN products to install network access in a temporary space is much more efficient.

Over the next few days I'll pass along tips regarding wireless LANs.

First, make sure you build a system compatible with the IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN standard. This will allow you to remain flexible in your future equipment purchases and won't force you to buy the same brand of gear. If your current wireless LAN gear and your future wireless LAN purchases all support IEEE 802.11b, then all your network hardware will interoperate.