Here's our Hardware Tip for.. March 1, 2002
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Sharing a Broadband Connection To The Internet--Part 1 of 4
Cable and DSL Internet connections are growing more and more popular with home users. However, these broadband connections to the Internet can throw a wrench into the works of many home networks. Most of the current home networking products do not support the Ethernet network adapter component these broadband solutions use.

A set of new products allow you to share a broadband Internet connection across several PCs. Over the next few days we'll pass along a short checklist to keep in mind as you shop for this type of product.

First, make sure your solution will allow you to share your Internet connection without having to alert your ISP service provider--meaning you'll be sharing a single IP address. If you're required make special arrangements with your ISP, you'll likely find an increase in your monthly service bill, and that negates some of the savings you get from using these home networking products.