Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. April 15, 2002
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Identifying Margins in Print Preview
You probably use Print Preview to view your data in printed form before you actually print it. While you're in Print Preview, you can also see where your margins are set in relation to your data. Simply click the Margins button while in Print Preview, and Excel will display dotted lines to indicate all four margins.

You'll also see an additional line above both the top margin and below the bottom margin. The spaces in-between these two dotted lines are the header and the footer areas, respectively.

If you return to your worksheet without clicking the Margins button a second time, Excel will display the dotted lines in the normal worksheet window. These may be helpful to you as you're entering data. If you find them annoying, simply return to Print Preview, click the Margins button, and then click Close to return to your worksheet.