Here's our Hardware Tip for.. April 26, 2002
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SOHO Scanner Tips--Part 1 of 5
Small office and home office (SOHO) scanners now range in cost between $99 and $300. Some analysts say prices won't go any lower than this because manufacturers are nearing the point at which they would be selling the scanners at cost. Thus, if you do shop now for a scanner, you don't need to fear seeing your product available in a few weeks for less money.

Over the next few weeks we'll pass along some tips for making the right decision and the best use of your scanner.

First, IEEE 1394 (or FireWire) interface products are just starting to appear--Epson's Expression 1600 Professional FireWire model is just one example. You'll pay hundreds of dollars more for these front runners and only gain a little in performance. For the best savings, stick with USB and SCSI scanners.