Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. June 10, 2002
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Changing a Chart's Default Scale Values
When you create a chart in Excel, the wizard automatically sets the data range values for you. You can easily change those default values when the wizard results are inadequate. For instance, let's suppose all your X axis values are between 50 and 100. If that's the case, scaling values between 0 and 49 isn't necessary. Here's how to control the scale values:

First, double-click the plotted area of your chart. Double-click the scale you want to modify. Choose the Scale tab in the Format Axis dialog box. Enter


as the Minimum value. Enter


as the Maximum value. Change the Major unit and Minor unit options if necessary. Then, click OK.

The modified chart's X-axis will display only values between (and inclusive of) 50 and 100.