Here's our Hardware Tip for.. June 28, 2002
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USB 2.0--Part 1 of 5
The specification for version 2.0 of the USB (Universal Serial Bus) standard has been finalized and released. This new spec defines a 480-Mbps data transfer rat, as opposed to the relatively creeping version 1.1 rate of 12 Mbps, currently the standard in many PCs.

What does this new specification mean to the end user? Over the next few days, I'll pass along some things to keep in mind while shopping for USB-capable PCs and peripherals.

First, know that you have a little time to plan your next USB move. Demonstrations of working USB 2.0 controllers and transceivers are just beginning to happen at conferences this fall. Expect the first USB 2.0-capable PCs and products toward the end of this year and the beginning of the next.