Here's our Hardware Tip for.. July 19, 2002
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USB 2.0--Part 4 of 5
USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) now competes directly with FireWire (400Mbps) in terms of performance. Although we all originally heard that USB would be designated for low-bandwidth devices like keyboards and mice, and that FireWire would target higher-bandwidth devices like video capture products, this is no longer the case. Perhaps fortunately, FireWire still hasn't become widely available as an interface choice, at least for the Wintel world of products. Many PCs users therefore have no choice to make. Waiting for a USB 2.0 version of a product is the best performance choice for those whose systems are not FireWire-ready.

However, in the world of Apple Computer products like the iMac, both Firewire and USB ports are available. Currently, for best performance, a Firewire interface would be the correct choice, as USB 2.0 systems won't come out until the end of the year. After that, you'll likely have an interface choice for many products.