Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. August 26, 2002
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How to Customize Handouts
PowerPoint has a nice variety of different styles of Handout pages, and you can even customize the Handouts master to a certain extent, but suppose you want three-per-page handouts without the usual lines for note-taking that PowerPoint adds? Or maybe you'd like to see your speaker notes next to each slide image on the handout pages. PowerPoint simply won't let you do that.

But Word will.

When you're ready to print handouts YOUR way, choose File, Send To and click Microsoft Word on the flyout menu. In the resulting Write Up dialog box, you can choose from among five different formatting options. Pick the format you want (you'll be able to modify it further in Word later, by the way), then pick either Paste or Paste Link. Paste is a one-shot affair. It pops your current slides into Word, but if you later revise the presentation, you'll need to send it to Word again to re-create your handouts. Paste Link sets up a link between your presentation slides and Word so that when you modify your presentation, your Word handouts document will update also and print the latest version of the slides.

When you've chosen the options you want, click OK. Your slides, plus any speaker notes or other options you've chosen, will appear in Word. Here's the good part: It all comes into Word as a table, so you can then modify it any way you like before printing it.