Here's our Microsoft Office Tip for.. May 10, 1999
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CompuPic™ is the premier Digital Content Manager in the On-line world, with over 300,000 copies downloaded! CompuPic's sophisticated features, unparalleled image display quality and speed offer the power to satisfy the experienced graphics enthusiast, while its intuitive interface and web-like design make it easy to use for the beginner.

With CompuPic, quickly, visually locate files using thumbnails (small graphical representations of image files), searches and animated previews. Thumbnail all drives including offline volumes such as zip drives.

CompuPic performs multiple operations as background processes leaving time to have fun with files. NO MORE WAITING AROUND! Once located, copy, move, rename, and delete files straight from the interface, or create catalogs of image files with headers, footers and image backgrounds.

Getting started with CompuPic is that easy, growing with user ability is where its power lies. Make pictures look professional with CompuPic's WYSIWYG editing and printing capabilities: convert, crop, resize, and color correct scanned and digitally captured images.

For the true multimedia experience, make slide show presentations with sound, wallpaper your desktop with any pictures (including animated gifs!), and play media files. CompuPic supports over 40 popular formats including PSD- (if you use Photoshop- you know how hard it is to find the files you want to work with- use CompuPic along side and see how easy it can be).

Play before you Pay- with a 15-day fully functioning trial version of Compupic! Available for Win 98/95/NT, Mac PowerPC and 68K.

Photodex' decade of experience developing graphics products and utilities for companies like IBM, Maxis and Broderbund assures you of a solid, professionally-developed product backed by quality support via phone, e-mail or fax.

For more information on CompuPic, see their website at or WUGNET's review at